Menorca es de las Islas Baleares la que conserva un encanto natural por encima del resto de Islas.

Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands that preserves a natural charm above the rest of the islands, together with Formentera. Its crystalline waters have a turquoise blue that has nothing to envy the Caribbean. Many of the beaches and coves that we bring you in this article keep their fauna and flora intact, virgin and wild.

1.10 Macarella and Macarelleta.

Macarella y Macarelleta - Menorca

In the south of Menorca, just 15 kilometres from Ciudadella, we find these two wonders, the first and largest is Macarella, in the shape of a U. It is a fairly large sandy area which can be accessed from a controlled car park with limited capacity. In the summer season it is important to be aware of its capacity and it is advisable to get there early in the morning if we do not want to miss these wonders.

To reach the second, Macarelleta, you take a path on the right-hand side of Macarella, and it is advisable to bring suitable footwear, food and water. The route runs between cliffs and does not take more than 20 minutes.

They are coves of fine white sand with turquoise blue waters that are hard to find elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

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2.10 Cala Pregonda.

Cala Pregonda - Menorca

We change tack and head for the wild coves of the north. It is called Cala Pregonda and the first thing that strikes you is the contrast of its reddish sands, the steep rocks all along the coastline and its deep, transparent waters.

Binimel-la beach is a 30-minute walk that is well worth the effort, as you will enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. The problem is that there is no shade in which to take shelter, so you have to be careful when you decide to set off.

We head for the Menorcan municipality of Es Mercadal, from there to Calas del Norte towards the beach of, once parked the vehicle in the large car park, on the beach of, we will head towards the left of the same, do not worry, because the bustle of people coming and going will give us clues of the direction to take, take appropriate footwear, drink and food is recommended, since the route to Cala Pregonda is 30 minutes.

Just before arriving we will realise the beauty of this U-shaped cove, bordered by cliffs of reddish rocks, and small islands in the centre of this U-shaped bay, the red of the earth mixed with the white sand give the whole landscape a magical aspect, all accompanied by transparent and deep waters. We recommend that you check the weather forecast for the wind, as the north of the island is quite unpleasant when the wind picks up.

3.10 Cala Mitjana and Cala Mitjaneta.

Cala Mitjana y Mitjaneta - Menorca

The best way to reach them is to go to the car park of Cala Mitjana (15 minutes walk) or by camí de cavalls (25 minutes walk) from Cala Galdana, and then go on foot from there, you can enjoy white sand and transparent waters, in summer, they are very crowded, they are both connected by a short path.

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4.10 Binigaus beach.

Playa de Binigaus - Menorca

Binigaus beach is located in the town of Santo Tomás, in the municipality of Migjorn Gran, located in the south of Menorca, when you arrive in Santo Tomás, and leave the car, this beach is on the right looking south, it is a beach of very fine white sand with crystal clear waters, this sandy area becomes nudist the further you go to the right, where you can find cliffs, where the path “camí de cavalls” leads to Cala Escorxada and Cala’n Fustam.

5.10 Cala en Turqueta

Cala en Turqueta - Menorca

Another beach located in the south of the island and whose name comes from the turquoise blue of its crystalline waters, it is accessed from the car park with limited capacity, it is important before going to find out how much capacity it has, and to get up early in order to have space. On the Ciudadella ring road there are signs informing about the state of the beaches in terms of capacity.

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6.10 Playas de Algairens

Playas de Algariens - Menorca

It is accessed from Ciudadella and we head towards the north of the island, as always, we must be attentive to the wind forecast, a rocky point divides these two coves that are separated by a 15-minute walk, reminiscent of the coves in the south of the island, as they have fine white sand and crystal clear waters. There is a car park for the two coves, the one furthest away from it is the quieter one. In the past it was possible to enjoy mud baths, but they have been banned due to overcrowding and the protection of the ecosystem.

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7.10 Cala Presili

Cala Presili - Menorca

In the most northeastern part of the island and going towards the Favaritx lighthouse we find this beautiful cove of fine white sand and crystalline waters 15 minutes from the car park. As it is always to the north you should always check the wind forecast in the area, it is advisable to wear suitable footwear for walking along stony paths, food, drink and an umbrella as there are no shadows. The cove is also known as Picafort beach.

When we reach the area around the lighthouse, we will realise the beauty of the place, as the landscape, due to the orography and the weather conditions, gives the impression of being in a lunar area.

8.10 Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana - Menorca

Cala Galdana can be accessed from Ferreries, it is a huge pool in the south of the island with all kinds of services on the beach, from renting pedal boats, parasols and boats or water sports with which to discover the surroundings, for example kayaking. It is a cove of fine white sand with crystalline waters like most of the beaches and coves in the south of Menorca.

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9.10 Arenal de Son Saura

Arenal de Son Saura - Menorca

In the south of the island we find Son Saura, a group of beaches: The first one we find from the free car park (be careful, it fills up quickly) is the beach of Banyuls and the next one is Bellavista. Both beaches have a dune system and pine groves where you can enjoy the sun and the sea breeze between fine white sand and crystal clear waters. The first one is busier as it is closer to the car park, while the second one has more privacy and is longer, so the distance between bathers is greater.

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10.10 Son bou

Son bou - Menorca

In the municipality of Alaior we find the beach of Son Bou, this beach, again in the south of the island, is 3 kilometres long with fine white sand and crystalline waters. It has services as it is located in the town of Son Bou, and is a tourist zone.

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