MarSenses Hotels & Homes are proud to announce that all of our hotel accommodation has been awarded the prestigious Travelife gold certification.

Since our inception, MarSenses Hotels & Homes has maintained an unwavering focus on implementing sustainable policies and practices throughout our operations.

This recognition by Travelife validates the hotel chain’s continuous effort to minimise our environmental impact, promote the well-being of our team and contribute positively to local communities.

Some of our achievements that contributed to this distinction include:

  • Environmental Management: MarSenses Hotels & Homes implements practices to reduce energy and water consumption at our properties, as well as to minimise waste and promote recycling. We have also invested in sustainable technologies, such as efficient HVAC systems and solar panels. In fact, MarSenses Hotels & Homes is a pioneer in Spain in implementing sustainable solar energy in all our facilities, achieving the independent generation of 100% of the energy consumed during the day in the hotels and contributing to a significant reduction of more than 585 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: We have undertaken numerous initiatives to support local communities, including job placement, collaboration with local suppliers and the development of social responsibility programmes.
  • Team Engagement: We promote an inclusive work environment and support the training and development of our teams, fostering equal opportunity and diversity in our workforce.
  • Community Engagement: We are actively involved in community projects, such as environmental education and local conservation, contributing to the wellbeing of the surrounding communities.

We would like to thank all our colleagues from the different departments that make up the MarSenses team for such an extraordinary achievement.