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The III Open Chess Menorca attracts more than 160 players from 50 different countries, who congregate at MarSenses Paradise Club Hotel to participate in this internationally renowned event.

Consolidated as one of the 50 most relevant open events worldwide, this open has attracted leading figures from all chess categories who, for 7 days, face each other in exciting games, displaying their strategic and tactical skills in an unparalleled atmosphere.

With such a diverse and competitive scenario, each game is expected to be a unique challenge, where mental dexterity and concentration will be key to victory. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences, thus enriching their chess background and strengthening the bonds of friendship between players of different nationalities.

The III Open Chess Menorca is not only an occasion for sporting competition, but also an opportunity to enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of the island of Menorca. At the end of the tournament, participants will take with them not only memories of memorable games, but also enriching experiences that will last far beyond the chess boards.